100% Saves - Gotcha Force [USA] - Almost 100%

Description: 195/206 Borgs, Beat 10 Times - Originally saw this file on on a Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gamecube/comments/dtxw41/there_is_a_need_for_fresh_gotcha_force_saves/ and fixed the file. This file explicitly had an invalid length error, which normally indicates the device/software used to save the file injected something into the header of the file making it not readable. https://i.imgur.com/n1ScPLO.png This can be seen in this screenshot where I show a valid Gotcha Force header and the incorrect header from the original GCI file. By deleting lines 0000000 - 00000100 you can resolve the error and the save loads properly via Dolphin's memory card management software. If you ever encounter another error of this kind please contact me and I can resolve it!

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